A Safe Space for Kids to Foster School Community

Spark curiosity and ignite kids’ spirit of adventure inside your customized virtual playground, with social experiences that empower students and promote emotional health. Whether it's a bustling cityscape, a mystical forest, or even outer space - the possibilities are endless!


Engage Students through Social Learning, Collaboration, and Play

A safe, moderated space for students to express creativity, explore educational experiences, and enhance their sense of belonging and community.

Students freely navigate around the world and connect over encrypted video chat with others in their proximity.

Each virtual world can host hundreds of students who move between group conversations just like they would in real life.

Unique Benefits

Replicate natural real-world connections inside virtual spaces

World access secured by student attributes defined through SIS

Foster community though many-to-many, small group connections

Create safe virtual spaces through reliable, AI-enhanced moderation

Integrate existing curriculum and contentfor social learning journeys

Ease social anxiety with multi-modal communication choices

Boost engagement with unique, engaging social experiences

Empower students to self-facilitate their social journey

Enhance outcomes with spaces for teachers, admins, and parents

Get Started

Easy to get started - no download and no installation

Secure Access Control with Clever, ClassLink, or GG4L

LMS Integration with LTI Compliance

4 Million
Minutes of engagement by kids every month

10%+ Melt impact
Improved retention from kids feeling a stronger sense of belonging

95% interact
Kids connect with each other inside unique social experiences

Key Features

Accessible and Browser-Based

Patented Spatial Video Chat

Secured through SIS / LMS

AI-Enhanced Moderation

Enterprise Security

FERPA Compliant

Scalable Infrastructure

Scheduled Open/Close and Alerts

Customizable World Design

SDK and Open API

Integrated Text Chat & Forums

Robust Analytics Suite

Use Case: Improve Social Emotional Learning

After School Activities and Special Interest Clubs
Students foster a sense of belonging through teamwork and learn leadership.

Unstructured, persistent spaces where students interact and play to improve emotional health and social skills through spontaneous and natural interactions.

‍Study Hall and Peer Tutoring
Students collaborate, support each other, and develop communities of peers.

Virtual Field Trips and Multiplayer Learning Journeys
Interactive experiences that enhance social awareness and empathy.

Use Case: Educator and Parent Communities

Educator Onboarding and Professional Development
Equip educators with the skills, knowledge, and resources they need through collaborative professional development and effective onboarding processes.

Parent Community and Town Hall
Foster open communication and collective problem-solving by bringing together educators, administrators, and parents for regular discussions and community events.

Educator Peer Collaboration and Mentorship
Encourage peer-to-peer learning and mentorship among educators to share best practices, provide support, and continuously improve teaching strategies.

Moderation Capabilities


Admin Moderation
Monitor student activity and quickly intervene with a small number of admins. Alert notifications sent to Teams, Slack, Google Chat, Zoom Chat, etc.


Student Moderation
Students can immediately end inappropriate interactions by blocking video and text chat - or report inappropriate behavior, which alerts internal moderation channels and secure Dashboard.


AI Moderation
Analyze video, audio, and text interactions to determine toxicity and automatically send real-time alerts to internal moderation channels with transcript context and a link to portal to the
location of the incident.

Engaging Integrated SDK Applications

Topia currently has 18 integrated applications available for K-12 and launches 1-2 new applications per month. The Topia SDK can be used to build custom apps or integrate curriculum, gamification, and multiplayer learning experiences


Virtual Pet

Decorate a Locker

Gratitude Garden

Quiz Race

Build a Snowman

Empower Students to
Connect, Learn, and Play Together

A safe & secure

Only users verified by your school with specified attributes can access your worlds. Includes all the moderation tools you’ll need.

That’s fun
and engaging

With dozens of mini-games and social experiences ready to add to your worlds, boredom is simply not an option!

With insights
you care about

Track progress, measure
engagement, and tailor experiences to meet the unique needs of your students.

Bringing Joy to Teachers, Parents, and
Students Alike

“This is very fun and it makes learning more fun.”

Student, 6th Grade

“Honestly, I feel so much more connected to my students! In SchoolSpace the students are talking openly about regular life things. It’s so nice to just listen in and laugh with them!”

K-12 Teacher

“It is an awesome way to communicate with other classmates and have fun.”

Student, 11th Grade

A Universe of Discovery Awaits

Students can grow in their favorite way - through play.